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Angry Re: chain tension

thanks for your reply reset button. I appreciate the support and I think it is important for anyone starting to build bikes to have others around to talk to about whatever is going on with the build so the newbie can know what can work and what doesn't really work. As a newbie I sometimes feel like what I am trying to do is hopeless and it won't work but then I talk to people and/or see what they have done and then I have faith that what I am doing in my build can work if I stick to it and get the adjustments right. As far as my build goes I was working past dark last night then looked at it a few minutes today and noticed I somehow ripped a spoke out of the rim probably via the tensioner getting jammed in it either during engine engagement or possibly after when I was pushing the bike. Say a prayer for me that my chain stays on today because I need this for transportation since the bus doesn't run anywhere that I need to go on the weekend. Currently I am lucky to be able to pedal during the week 2.5 miles or 4 miles to a bus stop and then the I can transfer from one bus to another and so on to make it about anywhere in southern New England within 1 day for a very cheap bus fare. But with no bus on the weekend I am doing this bike project to solve that problem because I got sick and very tired of doing a 35 mile round trip pedal powering my way to work in a city on Saturday and Sunday. This motor bicycle project is a lot of fun and it is exciting to me that I will be able to travel on a bicycle for such a cheap rate at a rate of speed that is as fast as most people would ever want to go on a cheap bicycle. As always I would appreciate any other suggestions on chain tension but for now Im going to go with the good suggestions of trying to move the wheel back and adjust the stock tensioner and I might try customizing the stock tensioner simply using a spring or three. God Bless and thank you!
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