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Default Re: Hello From Sonoma County California


The KTM motor is the single speed, centrifical clutch model. It is still stupid fast for this application, but should be entertaining.

I still have some tasteful reinforcement to work through on the frame - it is VERY flexible. I do not know how people ride these with event he little 2-4hp motors installed without some sort of reinforcement.

The Simplex tires will be a good investment for durability, but the continental retro ride tires draw so much attention.

The next bike will be even more extreme than this one. It is going to require some serious rethink to make is somewhat safe to ride.

The rear hub has been a bit perplexing. Finding options for gearing and solid mount hubs has been difficult. Even with a 9/62 set up the bike will have a top speed of 48mph. I would like to get that closer to 30mph, but for now just getting the ride sorted out and running properly will be enough for now. dialing in the bike for rideability/fun factor will happen later.

Measure Twice,

The original little kids bike was lots of fun to rip around on, it would pull little wheelies even with my ample hind quarters on it. I am hopeful that the new ride will be the same with better ergonomics.

Kevin O
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