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Default Re: New to motorized bicycling and I have some questions.

Originally Posted by fj95 View Post
...I would want a pull start and delete the pedals and using the shifting capabilities of the original drive chain so my question now would be do any kits allow this?
First off I would tell you to be cautious with the "delete the pedals" idea, under most state laws this would make a motorized bicycle illegal, as the laws that allow you to ride a motorized bicycle generally apply to "motor assisted bicycles". Basically this means you need to be able to pedal them to be legal. Not sure what the laws are in your state, but I advise that you look into that before you build, cause you don't want to build a bike that you can't ride without being hassled... Secondly, where would you put your feet?
On the drive chain, like others have said, you can get a jack shaft that will connect your motor to your pedal sprocket and use your bicycle chain (and gears) instead of using a second chain on the other side. You can still pedal with this setup.....
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