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Default Re: is this oil ok?

Originally Posted by calvynandhobbs View Post
I was at Benny's the other day and ran across these little pouches of Oregon brand 2 stroke oil. Says they are good for all mix ratios. I'm thinking about giving these a try. I looked it up and it may be a relabeled Opti-2. What do you guys think? They are only $1.39 each at Bennys and could use the same oil for my chainsaws, weedeater, etc.
Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
C&H that oil sound's like the oil I get from tractor supply here, they have it as Arnold 1. On the package it says manufactured by interlube international, Inc.
...yeah, i'm almost 100% positive these are just repackaged Opti-2 if i remember my reading right (it was a LONG thread, lol), ...if i AM remembering right then on the back of those tubes you should find the name 'Interlube', ...i THINK that's the name of the parent company of Opti, again, IF i'm remembering right..

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