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Question Hello World! Any suggestions on my second build?


After months of scrolling through topic after topic I've decided to finally create and account and join in on the conversation. I built my first motorized bicycle from a standard 2-stroke kit on a Schwinn Point Beach. I really enjoyed the learning experience working with, and riding my bike. I've had plenty of experience with fabrication, and I got into all of this starting with my attempt to electrically motorize a bike, (including hand making a freewheel crankshaft with two gears). Sadly, my little china girl was recently stolen, on top of that, when they stole it I had recently broken it down to improve some parts including the gas tank, throttle and CDI, so this guy really screwed me over and got nothing out of it.

I've now decided to go up in build quality as I have recently come into the money to be able to make the bike I really want. I want to build around DAX's GP50R I really like the look, compact design, and what looks like high quality and power of the engine. So... What suggestions does everyone have as far as getting a really good quality, long lasting bike, with high performance (sturdy bikes, CDIs, carbs, exhaust/expansion chambers etc...). I am considering doing my first shift kit on this build as well, but I am not set in any one direction yet, so feel free to give as much advice and direction as you would like.

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