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Default Re: Threw my kit in the trash!

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
I would agree with Bozo.

Just about every day, I fiddle with my bike...
I seem to remember someone here in the forum touting the bumble bee bolt on as the best thing going, rock solid and indistructable? LOL

I kinda felt the same way about my HT 2-stroke when I first started out, it seemed I had to fiddle with something every ride. In the middle of the first season I finally tossed the chain tensioner in the trash and started running #41 chain with no tensioner, that eliminated one of the biggest offenders. After the first year I ripped the bike apart, installed upgrade studs with locktite then rebuilt the bike making sure to grease and secure everything properly using loctite on all the motor studs and mounts. Last year I rode the entire season without wrenching on anything. Well that's not entirely true, I had to tighten my aftermarket kick stand a couple times cause I didn't use loctite on those nuts, and I dropped the cap off the muffler because I didn't use loctite on the nut that holds the cap on. That's all the wrenching I did the entire season, all ride, no wrench! This year I pulled the carb off in the spring, cleaned it out, then drained the old gas and put some fresh mix in the tank. Bike fired right up and I had a really nice first ride. Hoping for another season of all riding and no wrenching.....
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