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Default Re: Hello - building kit bike to Triumph Bicycle

Thanks for the advice.
I had looked into the shifter kit, but the 200 bones is more than the whole engine kit cost. I have yet to ride one of these kits and I hate to sink in more money than I would get out of it as far as riding goes. I have a lot of motorcycles to ride...
I have the rear wheel figured out now, so it's a matter of replacing/changing etc the crank. I have a C clamp I modified to be a valve spring compressor, hopefully that will allow me to get the cotters out. Sheldon's page is helpful.
If the bike is as fun as I hope it will be to ride, the shifter kit could be very cool. My S/A 3 speed is only engaging 1st and 2nd at the moment, so I'd be looking at rebuilding that or finding a nexus hub. I have a nexus 3 on one bike and a 7 on another, they work great!
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