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Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
There really isn't anything fundamentally different in the combustion cycle of these 2 cycle engines that will allow them to burn biofuels any differently than your average car engine. We could probably go down a bit in octane, or burn up to a ~20%/~80% alcohol/gas (various alcohols), you could add some toluene or xylene, a tiny amount of acetone - BUT BE WARNED I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE ELASTOMERICS (HOSES, O-RINGS, GASKETS, ETC) WILL HOLD UP.
There IS a BIG difference in biofuel engines. They are DIESEL engines with much higher compression then a china girl. Alcohol MADE from bio sources is what I assume you are talking about. Much different animal than a biofuel engine.
You can convert two strokes for alcohol use, but not biodiesel as far as I know.
Even if you could, why would you want to?
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