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Default Re: Felt on-line?

Hey Jim,

No problem on this. I appreciate your doing me the favor of checking.

I contacted a US bike shop, and for some reason, they can't ship to Canada. Offered to send it to a US address just south of the border, if I were willing to pick it up.

There may be some kind of distribution agreement going on. I'm not sure. Just a pain if the Canadian distributor is only willing to bring in a few models, and all US businesses are obstructed from filling the gaps.

If I can't get a Chief from the US sent up here, I can get a Red Baron. I might go with that option.

In the mean time, I want to order one of your clutch kits. My current bike is a spookytooth cruiser with a 67 cc motor. If your kit will fit my bike, let's get one enroute to the Great White North!

Prob'ly better contact you by PM.

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