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Well Jumpa,
It's About all I can Afford to do. I'm 64 living on $368 a mo.
S.S. I try to live off the land At least 3 days a wk. I know my
edible plants. I've got my telescoping fishing pole & slingshot
as grocery getters. I'm not above using a occasional snare
or occasionally dining on dumpster Neuberg.
This saves me enough to rent a room and kickback once a week
and still have money for grub, gas, and misc.
One thing I forgot to mention earlier, if you're planning a tour of
more than a 1000 mi., you're almost certain to experience a rim
failure if you're on aluminum rims. All it take is one pothole hidden
in what looked to be a shallow puddle. I don't know from carbon,
but stainless rims aren't a bad idea; neither are 12 gauge spokes.

P. S. I made my own foam lined grips from a gator hide thrift
store briefcase; it's waterproof. Just about everything I've got
is recycled.

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