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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

My wife ordered this "under the cabinet light kit" it was to be for "HER" weekend project
2 months later I ask whats up with this holding a tangled mess of wire and round low voltage lights ..Just throw it away she said I asked are you sure I can put it up for you no she said I changed my mind ok "To the motorized bicycle we go" i mounted on light on the fron ran the wire back tothe rck standing there scratching my head wondering where can I get a power source I needed 11 volts and bing the lightbulb in my head goes off the FIOS guy came the other day and inside the modem he mounted on the baseboard was a bran new 12V 8 hour battery !!! justifying I cant use the pc if power goes out what the heck do I need a bat. back up for needless to say I stuffed it in my leather tool bag it fit perf. ran one wire directly to the light the other to a switch I mounted on the seat post and I also hard wired a quick disconnect and left it dangling so instead of pulling the batt. out to charge it I can just pull out the pigtail run it to the modem plug it in plug it in charging it over night . This light is sooo bright I cant believe it.

I want to go to Benny's and get some of that lens red tape and mount two more on the rear for tail lights ... OH YEA and after I made this post I went back and put in a disconnect so I can remove the bad quickly stress free , I rarely do that though as the other side of the bad is filled with every tool I need. Thanks fer looking folks!

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