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Default Re: Bairdco Built For Speed Bike...

finally got around to using the Tomos Biturbo chamber i bought a few years ago. it had a big crack in it and i'd have to modify it to fit anything, so i never used it.

now that i can weld, i fixed the crack, made a flange for it, and bent up a pipe for the header.

it's a slip fit set-up with a seatpost clamp over it, so i have about 4" of adjustment to tune it. i can make the header length from 7" to 11". even scribed some inch marks in it with my engraver for exact tuning.

when i find the right length, i'll weld it and wrap it up with some "thermo-tec generation II copper wrap" that i picked up.

dunno what i'll use for the tip. the stock one is about a foot long, gold, and i can't find all the parts. i'll have to make a beer can muffler or something to match the bike.

i also picked up some Jagwire titanium braided compressionless cables for the brakes, clutch, and throttle.
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