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Originally Posted by Randbrackett View Post
Thanks for the responses

This is the response I got from BGF when he responded to me:

if u add the light on the engine
the light will take power from the engine
so some time will kill the engine when u turn on the light
u can take the spark plug out and hit the top "L" shape little down not too much 1-2 mm is ok

What I got from this is that the light will harm the engine in some way, and I do not understand this. The head light is 12 volts, although the tail light is only 2.5 volts. I would not be plugging that in if I were able to wire the headlight directly to the engine. Ideas
what he's saying is that many folks use the white wire as the kill switch in that shorting it to ground will kill the spark - running it thru a bulb to ground will weaken the spark (sometimes a LOT) but you might get it to run with the weak spark if you make the gap on the spark plug much smaller

all-in-all you're much better off with the friction generator or a big, rechagable battery
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