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Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Not to discourage you in any way shape or form however from my exp. of around 3,000 miles in 2 yearrs on my bike Id def. want to try out a 4 stroke to see if the hand vibration i got from long rides is present with the 4 stroke thats the only thing rthat keeps me from going further is the numb hands and sac it does a numbbb ber down there as well. At any rate
I would recomend like and instep 2 kid trailer for towing.

In your trailer "instead of 2 kids" get a couple spare tires , tubes and all and one extra of everything you can think of. Perhaps a tent for sleeping , a sleeping bag , basic survival stuff a few MRE's manual air pump, gas , wind up radio, with cell charger , and a survival knife and last but not least the tool no man should ever leave home with out ...A good ole fashion or new fashion pistol of course. For the snakes of course
Thank you everyone for the input. I was thinking about the kid trailer and putting everything in it. Would weight become a factor with all the supplies(basically a whole bike and engine kit along with tent sleeping bag food and water), trailer and myself(200 lbs) going up pretty steep and long hills? Was trying to figure out a way to mount 2 engines on a trike or the dax heavyduty engine. The longest I have ever traveled on my girl in one day was about 60 miles round trip she took everything I could give her that day. 20 miles was almost all throttle.
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