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Originally Posted by Randbrackett View Post
Thanks for the responses

This is the response I got from BGF when he responded to me:

if u add the light on the engine
the light will take power from the engine
so some time will kill the engine when u turn on the light
u can take the spark plug out and hit the top "L" shape little down not too much 1-2 mm is ok

What I got from this is that the light will harm the engine in some way, and I do not understand this. The head light is 12 volts, although the tail light is only 2.5 volts. I would not be plugging that in if I were able to wire the headlight directly to the engine. Ideas
HA! I had an issue with BGF a couple times and trying to read his english can be more complicated than your original problem.....he blocked me from buying from him on ebay....did me a favor as far as im concerned.
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