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Default Re: I See Springers...(AN UPDATE)

I did a good thingy. Test rode the reversed fork with the Honda 50 spring links and couldn't have asked for a smoother rideI went down a rough asphalt street that formerly made my eyeballs jiggle and it was really smooth.
I get ~2" of deflection when romping on the bars. It is rock-stable as regards side-slop like I was afraid of. I strongly recommend my design to be safe,quick,cheap,and aesthetically pleasing as well as the bottom line--a good ride. All that is necessary is any balloon fork, I suspect mine is Flying O, JC Higgins, Hawthorne, or maybe even Schwinn after they cheaped off and dropped the solid blade fork, a pair of Honda 50 front shock links and two pieces of 1/8" steel, rectangular, corners rounded, 2"X2-1/2"and (3)5/16"
holes (for adjustment ) evenly spaced on the long dimension. They weld to the outside of the fork legs about half-way up facing frontwards. The position is determined by the link being horizontal with the fork at the head angle of ~20deg. with the top of the strut in the middle hole. Put 2 washers behind the strut eye to clear the springs. the front axle needs to be 3/8" and long like a trick bike footpeg axle so it will extend through the 1/2" axle boss and take a full nut. If the fork slot won't accept 3/8" drill it out but use security washers anyway. If the security washers won't accept 3/8" as mine didn't, DONT drill them, drive a tapered punch or likesuch in to expand the hole. The fender mount could be difficult. My fork has a 1/4" horizontal hole for a caliper so I will weld a bolt to a piece of 1/8" X 3/4" steel and take it foreward and down to bolt the fender to 2" in front of the fork. The reason being the fork legs are 2" behind where they would nomally be. The leading links preserve the rake angle. The struts will probably be 1/4" stainless tubing bent in a long "O" shape with straight sides mounted ~horizontally to the welded on tabs with perhaps silver-soldered ears replacing one of the washers and laying on top of the fender with
brackets_,_/\_,_holding it to the fender. A stainless wall switch plate is a lovely source of stock. That's about all the news from Lake Woebegone

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