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Default Re: 66cc Bike Engine Caught On FIRE!!!

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
... I watched a guy lose $10 bucks on a bet that a lit cigarette dropped in a cup of gas will put the cig out! & it did , it extinguished the cigarette as if it were dropped in water

It's the fumes that ignite not so much the liquid
I once worked at a coffee service, in the warehouse, where we roasted green coffee beans. We also had a table lamp oil service. I would have to refill the little bottles that went in the lamp holders. As I was smoking one day while filling the bottles the owner of the company came by. He immediately told me to put that cigarette out. I dropped it in a lamp oil bottle and it went out. The lamp oil station was next to the back warehouse door, where 18-wheelers would back up to for deliveries, and I had set a big rolling fan on the other side of me. So there wasn't any fumes building up any where near me while I was at the oil station. I was fine breathing in my cigarette smoke in but not the fumes from the lamp oil.
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