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Default Re: Newbie from Marietta, GA has questions

I am naturally mechanically inclined, so I would always make sure the bike itself is in tip-top shape.

I have been researching this today, and it seems that many people ride without problems, and one poor guy in OR got nailed with 300 hours of community service on top of hefty fines. He was using it to get around after getting a DUI, which a lot of people do.

What seems to bust people most often is going fast. Most of the busted stories I find are from the cop ticketing you for running over 30mph, then tacking on a bunch of motorized bike, moped laws. Only the most retarded cops bust someone for riding the ICE assisted bike without breaking any laws...but it does happen.

I will investigate actually trying to comply with law...and see what the DMV in GA says about it. Reply soon.
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