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Default Re: Hello from ZnsaneRyder

Originally Posted by ZnsaneRyder View Post
I wasn't sure if you could add an E-start to the 6.5. I did replace the rope in the pull-starter before, and didn't notice a spot for it. I wonder if it will take one or if it needs a mod. I believe you also need a new flywheel with a big ring gear for an electric start.
That's what I meant by sweating on a ring gear. It might be simpler by swapping the flywheel cause you also need magnets for the coil. They can be epoxied on but . . .

I'd be interested in electric start for both the 2.5 and 6.5.
However, I'm more interested in making a working charging system for the engines. I know on an E-start engine, it has an extra coil next to the magneto for charging the 12V starting battery. I'd like to see if that could be added to these engines, and I would not mind winding a coil if I had to, I just would want to know I could mount it.
An added charging system goes hand in hand with E-starting. Most of the added starters to early Harleys (even late models) use a starter coupled via the primary chain. Think combination starter/generator/chain tensioner if there's no room under the flywheel for the starter.

You can find a starter off a lawn mower pretty cheap. Remember, though, that they are intermittent duty only. They use a Bendix drive to engage/disengage. The bearings wouldn't take a constant spin. Unless, maybe, a bearing upgrade. Even then, brush wear might be a problem.

Just some random thoughts running around from ear to ear.

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