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Default Re: Walmart FatBikes

Ok here is the first impressions review of this bike.

As you could all see from the picture of the box, this thing is huge. Even though I have seen pictures of it with someone on it still doesn't relate how big it is just sitting in the box. Even putting a quarter on the tire won't prepare you for how big it is. Trust me on this...

I would have to say that they could have done better at packaging these bikes in their shipping boxes. There was several areas that the box got ripped open from either part of the bike poking out of the box or the box being punctured. They did the bare minimum of protecting the bikes finish from being damaged. I got lucky and only found one very small scrape in the paint. There is at least one person I know of that didn't fair as well.

Fit and Finish
The paint job looks to be well done and I haven't found any flaws in it as far as I can tell. It is more along the line of a powder coat look than a semi-gloss finish, but is pleasing to my eye in the color that they picked for the red paint finish.

Though this does bring me to the one flaw I think there is in the finish that they blew it at and that is the decals. Because the finish is more like a powder coating the choice of the type of decals that they choose is bad. It is the type that has a clear background surrounding of the decal art work and is sticks out like a sore thumb.

The construction of the bike seems to be done really well and all the welds that I looked at seem to be flawless for the most part. They look to be solid and no defects in them. Nothing seems to be bent or out of shape, but I did find one little dent in my handle bars which looks to have been there from the start before paint was applied. It is a very small ding and not that noticeable at first glance.

The parts that they build in the factory seem to be assembled well, but I think I need to adjust a couple items before I ride it much more than the short ride I took it on after assembling the bike.

Assembling the Bike
Once everything was pull out from the box and all the protective covering removed the bike was easy to assemble. The only tools I needed was an adjustable wrench, phillips screwdriver, 6mm allen wrench (I believe) and my brain.

I installed the handle bars first so I could flip the bike upside down and install the rest of the items except for the seat. The seat doesn't really need to be installed to flip the bike over and have it stay up right (the rear wheel will work just fine at this point). Total time to put it together I think was at the most 20 minutes with about 10 minutes taking it out of the box. I didn't open up any of the areas that need grease, but they seem to move freely. I would still say you should check out the main areas for proper lube.

Handling and Rideability
The gearing seems to be about right, but it takes just a little bit to get going. On a flat surface it will be supper easy to do, but heading up a hill it will take a little to do it.. (This is where a three speed hub would come in handy.) The bike seems to be super easy in how it handle with the stock setup.

I did feel a little cramp in using it as far as space goes between the seat, handle bars and pedals. Though I still think that could be addressed in doing some adjustments of the handle bars and seat.

Now the handle bars and seat seem a little on the cheap side and I don't like the seat for sure but could live with the handle bars if I had to.

Final Thoughts
This is a great bike so far as long as you keep in mind it isn't going to be one of those High Dollar bikes that several have said it falls short of. It is fun to look at and fun to ride so far.

What can you do with it as far as motorizing it, well I think that making it electric would be a snap. Mounting a gas engine on it looks to be a bit of a challenge, but I think it could be done at first glance. I can see the bottom down tube being a huge hurdle to get over, but that is some of the fun in motorizing a bike.

I this bike for everyone, NO but it sure is fun.
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