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Default Re: Creative Engineering's clutch actuator


Thanks...No apology needed we were both right/wrong depending on the circumstances.

Yes we have used and abused our clutch far beyond what would be considered normal, without any noticeable wear.

But...Isn't there always an exception.

I did have one customer with a 27" bike who reported back that from a standing start he had to race the engine to get it to go. I advised him to pedal up to a point that the engne could handle the load without the high revs. I would imagine that the high revs will drastically reduce clutch life. I have no idea whether his engine is simply not producing the same amount of torque as ours, or if the increase in wheel diameter is causing the issue.

If you can leave from a standing start in the same manner as a motorcyle, (give it a little throttle...and simultaneously ease out the clutch), go for it you will not hurt your clutch at all. If you have to race the engine, pedal first!

Our instalation was on a 26" bike with the 44T sprocket that comes with the kit. We did not make any engine modifications and it worked fine.


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