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Default Re: Creative Engineering's clutch actuator


You may not need it!

So far we have had 6 engine examples to go by...A few in-house, and a few from local customers.

I added the, ("you must have a return spring"), comment in the instructions to help avoid frustration. As you have discovered if it is set-up perfectly, you don't need it.

The spring becomes an issue if there is too much freeplay initially. The cam will ride up to the crest of the eccentric and tend to want to remain there.

The ideal design would be a cam lobe running on centerline. The housing would have had to be much larger. There was not enough room to clear the pedals.

On a final note: even those installations where the cam may be a little sticky on the return have shown no problems during actual operation. Once the engine is running the cam always disengages.

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