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Default Re: Hello - building kit bike to Triumph Bicycle

I thought the crank arms were aluminum, but after trying to remove a cotter pin I have discovered they are steel. The pin would not come out, even after applying penetrating oil, heat, and much hammering. Any suggestions out there? I got a coaster brake wheel assembled and trued (slight dishing in the rim but l/r barely any play) and would like to keep moving on this project.
I also noticed it's difficult to get the sprocket straight on the spokes, it has too much run out for my taste. SO...
I am planning to
Bend the coaster brake arm out a bit
Use countersunk fasteners for the sprocket
Perhaps bend the crank arm out a (dogleg) to clear the motor
please any suggestions or advice
I've read that the best and truest sprocket setup is from a disc brake style hub. In my old english 3 speed this would be odd looking. Is anyone selling pre fab'd coaster brake wheels/hubs that take sprockets on both sides?
Or at least a flange that could be tig welded to a coaster brake hub?
Thanks in advance
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