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Talking Re: Where do you spend most of your time on your motorized bicycle?

I think these bikes would be very frustrating to someone who did not have basic mechnical skills and was not lucky enough to find this forum. The bicycles themselves must be beefed up to take the strain. That is if you got the right bicycle for your application. Durring the break in peroid ( wheel bearings gave out, clutch slipped, lost spark, fuel line cracked, intake gasket sucked air, exhaust gasket blew, fenders cracked and brackets broke, motor mounts had to be redone, and a million things vibrated off or broke.) I could see someone getting frustrated. I had so much help here, because someone has been thru the same thing and had a answer most of the time. Now I feel I am over the hump, because I do more riding then tinkering. I ride to work and go for 10 to 20 mile rides just for fun. This is more a hobbie then it is just basic transportation. I would much rather be riding my bike then almost anything else
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