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Default Re: Bairdco Built For Speed Bike...

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Cool a swamp cooler style type valve? Looks just like you could rebuild it from the guts of a new one from any of these? If'en you ever had too?
I have been using this model for years now on my Morini. It has been nice inhibited unclog-able high flow. Gets along with fuel perfectly. For about 4 years now. Never did play with the seals.

I like the way you got it. Right by the seat post to turn it on while coasting. I always forget to turn mine on lol.
Every single time I go riding, I bog out dead a block away and fumble for the petcock.
Been that way for my whole life.
Yet I still remember to turn it off every time so it makes you wonder...
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