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Default Re: The definitive break-in procedure thread.

Warm it up then ride it like you normally would.Any 2 cycle motor would blow up after being ran WOT for to long,,just use common sense,,keep an eye on the motor temp and how she is responding,,also lean up the mix after a couple tanks,,but all this running it no more than 10 minutes is horse hockey.Get on it and ride!Ive been racing and building 2 stroke engines for over 35 years and always broke em in like I was gonna ride em,,never had a problem.Did you break in your weed eater,chainsaw,or blower when it was new?
Nope,,you brought it home and ran it WOT right out of the box and it never mattered.I have the same weed eater STIHL FS-74 from 1995 and ran it WOT from the start.It runs like a champ and I cut alot of grass in the Summer with it every year.Life is too short to be breaking things in like mentioned earlier in this thread,,get out on that motorized bicycle and have fun,,let me know how it runs

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