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Originally Posted by yodar View Post
If you chosea POLY-OLEFIN SYNTHTIC OIL you are not a BOZO

However I offer a money saving suggestion.

I tired of paying $5 for four Oz of Amsoil SABRE synthetic 2-stroke oil (100:1 needs only 1/36 oz/gal)

I went to ACE hardware where it is a stock item in quarts at $11 a QUART while NAPA 4 oz SaBer is $5 for 4 ounces.

That would be $20 a quart.

ACE's Amsoil Sabre at quart prices is quite a savings and I have premeasured aliquots in nice little 3 oz bottles from the pharmacy in my bike's tool bag and keep big quart bottle inside house


thanks man, and yeah, i use 'bozo' as a name to remind myself to stay humble, i naturally tend toward arrogance so i need to keep my ego in check, lol.

...and thanks for the tip on the oil but i already ordered a 12oz bottle of the Opti II from Amazon, ...12oz's for $12.99, delivered.

Interlube International 12Oz 2 Cyc Oil 21224 Small Engine Oil

peace, bozo
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