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Default Re: Gotta get a new carb

So, I got bored, and got to taking apart my carb. I don't need a new one, I just needed to fix the current one. I had the needle and sleeve stuck. Plus, the RPM rise that I had came from the throttle cable pulling the throttle half way open. So, as the bike warmed up, the RPMs flew through the roof. It was kinda scary.
But now, Adjusted that cable, enriched the needle from 2nd lean to middle (I have 5 positions in mine), and took it for a ride.
I have to say, I'm very pleased. Before you go crazy buying a million things to fix a problem, one needs to just calm down, and think of everything from the smallest nut and bold. Mine was just a matter of ensuring the carburetor was properly set up, and properly jetted.

Cost was $0.00. Music to my ears!!!
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