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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Keeping your latest posts in mind (about possibly passing off the bike to a friend) I think a good way for you to go is buy the WM bike and a motor kit and build up a stock configuration first. Whether it be 48cc (preferred in States where 50cc Max is written into the law) or 66cc isn't a huge issue. Since you were initially inclined to push the limits of a 2-stroke kit I would probably suggest you go 66cc (if the law allows) so you can get an idea what power is available from the largest motor. After you have completed your first build and rode enough to break in the motor you will have gone through the learning curve we all go through on our first build, THEN you can access the whole situation from a point of experience. If you decide to tackle a second build you will have more experience with a motorized bicycle and be better able to logically access and achieve your initial goals.... and when you pass off your first build to your friend you will have someone to ride with...
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