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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

From all the responses I read, it's become clear that if I don't need the torque of the 66cc engine, I might better go with the 49cc engine?

I only wanted the 66cc engine to get better top speed, because it has better torque, I could equip it with a smaller rear sprocket.

However some users said that the 66cc vibrates significantly more, is this true?

Also, some users said the 49cc is better for top end speed; again, is this true?

Now,if the speed is limited to 20MPH, 30MPH tops, then I believe a 49cc should do perfectly fine for me, and may even be preferable.
In fact, a 33cc engine might even be better.
I'm only 170LBS, and live in FL, where the roads are pretty flat.

With the 49cc there's less chance of torquing the frame, or vibrating it loose.
It also (theoretically) will have better gas mileage than the 66cc, be it only very minimal (perhaps a few MPG's on a hundred).

Going smaller on the engine, and rear sprocket, makes things easier for the bike. I might even get a beach cruiser, and install regular V-brakes.
If people at 200+LBS can cruise beach cruisers, I'm 170LBS, with an engine I'll be about the same weight, so I think I finally made up my mind on the engine and sprocket!

Now it's just the bike, and I'm doubting between the 29 or the 32 in wheeled beach cruiser bikes.

I'm Going for wallyworld after all... This is only a small project for fun, and I won't even be riding the bicycle that much. More than likely I'll give it away to a friend soon, who has no drivers license, and is very short on money.
So the 29 in bike it will be (as the 32in bike is still good for me, but too large for him)!

I'm going to do some readup on the Genesis Onyx 29, before purchase!
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