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Default Re: Hello from Florida

Originally Posted by picklefish View Post
Heres the problem I discovered with the chain being thrown off. the stupid kit chain wasnt exactly the right fit for the sprokets, and without the chain tensioner to provide the tension it would get whipped right off. Its also why the stupid thing kept breaking. I spent $14 on a bicycle chain that was space right and havent had a problem since, I am using the kit chain tensioner as a guide wheel primarily, corrected chain tension with a chain tool and by moving the rear tire back. The bike runs great now!
good to hear u got it running right

when someone is saying a "dished sprocket" they are refferring to the set of teeth that are flanged out as in the pic here...
that sprocket is laying "dish" up.
some sprockets are totally flat, but thats mostly aftermarket. dont think i seen a kit sprocket that is flat.
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