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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

[QUOTE=ProDigit;470920]Here in Miami cops are pretty much unlearned.
They don't even know what a moped is, so they leave 2 wheeled vehicles mostly alone.

As far as the walmart bikes, they are meant to go 30MPH.
Any decent man can pedal 30MPH on a geared bike. A beach cruiser generally does not go very fast, but their frames seem pretty solid enough to go faster IMHO.

40MPH may be a lot, but then again, I'm only aiming for these speeds at WOT. More than likely I'll be running at ~ 2/3rd that speed.

30 mph under human power is much more forgiving than engine power. The stress from the engine vibrations alone can crack the welds. The stress test for bicycle safety is less strenuous. Factor in the stress from potholes and such. When pedalling the tendency is to coast over the rough roads, when the bike is under power you have less time to react. Also, I have a 6 sprocket rear and 3 sproket front geared mountain bike and I doubt Ive been able to get it above 15 mph pedalling. Im no Lance Armstrong. The fact is engines are more consistently punishing on a frame not designed to support it. Even after a year of operation the structure of the bike can fail at any time due to the stress. Most of the trips I take are 10miles each way at the longest, this is half an hour of semi-constant 20mph-35mph speeds. Im pretty sure quality control isnt prepared for that. Just sayin.

Oops: I read more of the thread and I seem to echo somethings already posted. Sorry, I often dont read through all the posts. On a bright note, at least my thoughts are inline with others wisdom. I was reminded of bearing failure, mine are repacked with high heat or performance motorcycle bearing grease.

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