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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Im 6'5" 270lbs and I am getting 35mph on my set up and the engine isnt done breaking in yet. I have the 44t sprocket. Im interested in your post because Im trying the same thing, but for the purpose of crossing the intercoastal waterway bridge without pushing it up the incline. lol.
I have a 26" schwinn cruiser from Target for $130 with the 44t sprocket. I expect (as I put in my own post) that doing the free mods will give me the boost needed.
In my town cruising round faster than 20mph in town is a recipe for disaster, I give everything the right of way and engine brake as I approach lights and intersections. So far no one has out right cut me off but......
The problem is visibility, you have to give people a chance to see you! I only get up to faster speeds on the long straight aways like heading out to the beach or back roads with minimal traffic.
Brakes, Helmet (brain bowl), visibility vest, lights, ya know all the stuff they talk about for motorcycles.
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