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Talking Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
I don't know if you've ever looked at the bikes they sell in WM. The frames may be out of aluminum, but esp. the beach cruisers have gigantic tubes in their frames!
In europe (I'm 33, lived there 50% of my life), the frames are finger thin.
They are high quality steel though, yes, but you did not have the quality disc brakes back then; everything was V-brake.
The saddles of today are leaps and bounds ahead of the older ones in comfort and affordability. Front disc brakes did not exist for bikes in the 70's to the 1990's. They only appeared after the millennium.
And even the rims, though being steel in europe, bent when hitting the sidewalk (due to the thin profile tires).
Plenty of WM bikes that have such big tires, that unless you're having a flat, you won't ever bend the rim!

I honestly believe that esp. the beach cruisers are more than capable of maintaining the 30MPH speeds. I used to ride a couple of bikes in my home country in europe for over 13 years, and all of them lasted at least 7 years! The last one I had was from china too; a city bike (mountain bike equipped with lights, reflectors, mud guards, luggage rack etc...). That bike retired with the final gear rear sprocket completely worn after 4 years; but is still in use by someone else riding in second to final gear.
(and did I tell you it was chinese, and had thinner frame than the beach cruisers in WM?)

Ow, and about the rambling apart, tell me exactly what there is on a bike (like a beach cruisers, or a Mountain bike fwiw) that can ramble apart?
Because as far as I see it, there's really not many things that can ramble apart!

Overheating wheel axis? Come on, that's a joke!
I've never in my life seen a wheel overheat, especially not the aluminum ones.

Cracked frames, well, perhaps people running a 56T sprocket will have more problems with that due to aggressive acceleration..., or aggressive zig-zagging at high speeds. But take care for your bike, and it'll last. It's good enough to sustain itself in emergencies, but don't make every brake or acceleration an emergency, because then indeed, your bike may not last very long...

I don't know, I think you don't agree with me, but that does not necessarily make my opinions or statements incorrect.
I'll throw my 2 cents in here and say if you have 3rd world roads like the roads in L.A. then you better buy a heavy duty bike cause those roads will destroy a cheap bike. High speeds and the added weight of all the stuff bolted to it will stress a cheap bike to it's limit. You will can away with a lot though if the roads are autobahn smooth. The roads condition that you travel on will determine how long your bike lasts or doesn't last. Every rut, bump, crack, and pothole is greatly amplified as your speed goes up. Get a bike with wide wide tires and at least front suspension if you can afford it.
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