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Default Re: Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

I tested out the new regulator and it works fine.

There is something I noticed about the flow rate gauge which is an approximate type needle unit. As I have known already from using those type gauges, they have to be set about 3cfh above 15cfh to 18cfh for the desired flow of 15cfh. When holding the trigger the needle drops to 15cfh.

Whats new on this regulator is it drops down 4cfh from 18cfh to 14cfh. Then it rises slowly to 15cfh. I feel it is fine, just that if it rises back up to 18cfh while still depressing the trigger, then the flow I'll have to assume is stopped and there is something wrong.

Some test welding on bike frame tube to channel metal steel: see post 122 3 pics
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