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Default Look Out No Brakes!!

I was looking at the combo brake lever and clutch and would like to know if it would work with a front disc brake? I have 66/80cc Grubee Skyhawk motor mounted on my OCC Schwinn Stingray. I removed the brake and brake caliper today from the rear wheel because it rubbed the chain....then took it for a test spin--a slower test spin. It had been rubbing with the original chain from the kit but I upgraded the chain to a #41 size from Tractor Supply Company....I've broke 3 chains before upgrading!!
My plan is to install a disc brake on the front wheel. I've wanted a disc brake from the beginning now it's a must that I get one to avoid the chain rubbing the pad and brake cable. Anybody else had this issue and if so what was your solution? The combo brake lever and clutch looks like something I could really use. Could someone help and explain if this would be used for my engine clutch and my disc brake also.

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