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Default Creative Engineering's clutch actuator

Here's a mini review, or 98% of one.

Got one of Creative Engineering's clutch actuator in the mail today....

Maybe the company should be called Brickhouse Engineering. This thing will outlast a lifetime of bikes.

The packaging was simple and effective, small zip lock bags secured anything that was smaller than the clutch housing itself.

The directions were VERY clear and anyone who can hold the right end of a screw driver should be able to install the actuator- no problem. In fact, if you installed the clutch set up/cable/ect. the first time, this will be a snap.

Be sure to read through the directions once to familiarize yourself with the proceedure.

The actuator comes with all needed hardware and a couple of different length I said, read through the directions first.

Super simple installation. I didn't time it, but I got it done before half of my "work CD"- "THE BAND- Greatest Hits" was done, well under 30 minutes.

If the whole engine kit were designed this way, it would be called a Honda.
I would say this is a very good investment for the low price.

Now the bad news. Being the the installation went on a build currently "in progess" I did not test the unit in actual operation. HOWEVER, The feel of the clutch is improved beyond words and I see no reason why it would or could adversly effect the operation of the clutch. Right now it smoothly dis-engages the clutch with noticeably less initial effort being required.


What's next? A perfect flat slide carb?
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