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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
I was aware of the brakes, however, there are solutions for that; like installing a disc brake.
If worst comes to worst, it's always possible, to use the coaster brake, 2 Vbrakes, and if that's not enough, add a front disc brake. That will give you 4 active braking systems on a bike; that is, if you think it's necessary to add that many.
But it is kind of silly because then you might as well buy a real bike like you say.

The brakes worries me, because I can not install a disc brake on the front without mounting points. Just the disc brake and a comfy saddle, brings the bike in $250 territory.

Then it's upto the rider to decide if he wants to go cheap, and ride carefully, or buy what's necessary to be safe, but go expensive.
I think, since for many it's a toy, not a reliable transport, that they want to keep it cheap.

It wouldn't surprise me, if the chinese will start selling these bike kits already mounted on bicycles, soon.
Now thats the kind of logical talk and reasoning we all need to go through when building a motorized bicycle...
BTW, there are already a few chinese frames built specifically to mount these motors on already, and some complete bikes and kits available as well, not sure if they are all available on our shores yet but they are out there...
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