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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

I was aware of the brakes, however, there are solutions for that; like installing a disc brake.
If worst comes to worst, it's always possible, to use the coaster brake, 2 Vbrakes, and if that's not enough, add a front disc brake. That will give you 4 active braking systems on a bike; that is, if you think it's necessary to add that many.
But it is kind of silly because then you might as well buy a real bike like you say.

The brakes worries me, because I can not install a disc brake on the front without mounting points. Just the disc brake and a comfy saddle, brings the bike in $250 territory.

Then it's upto the rider to decide if he wants to go cheap, and ride carefully, or buy what's necessary to be safe, but go expensive.
I think, since for many it's a toy, not a reliable transport, that they want to keep it cheap.

It wouldn't surprise me, if the chinese will start selling these bike kits already mounted on bicycles, soon.
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