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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

I want you to know that I am not trying to discourage you, and I don't have any agenda. I don't sell bikes, motors, parts or service of any kind related to bicycles or motor kits for them, and have no association with the ownership or management of any company that does, or any forum on the topic.

All I'm saying is perhaps you should build a motorized bicycle and run one of these HT motors before you disagree so firmly with those that have. They vibrate and stress a bike like no human being can, no bikes were built for that and the cheapest ones don't hold up to it so well. I could go over your last post and disagree with several of your assertions, but I think I have made my points and you have made yours. I wish you well with your build and hope it turns out to be every bit as solid as you expect. I will close by asking you to pay close attention to the BRAKES on the bike you ride, cause you're gonna need 'em and how if you are as successful as you hope to be.

Just giving a fellow rider my opinions, and will be glad to help you achieve your goals in any way that I can during your build. Good luck and happy riding!
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