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Question Newbie from Marietta, GA has questions

Hello all, I have been viewing this forum for a while, and have researched the motorized bicycle for longer than that. I am ready to get one, and have chosen a cruiser style, with a 49cc 4 stroke or larger 2 stroke engine. The main thing I am concerned about is this:

How many of you are being harassed/fined/ticketed/jailed/hung/crucified for riding these things? The laws are clear, but many cops don't seem to know the law, or don't care, or fine you for violations anyway.

I have read the laws for GA, and they are clear enough to get me fined for riding it without a motorcycle license and tag, and a giant DOT helmet. I would imagine that cops would just write tickets ad nauseum because of the nature of the bike. Has anyone had experience with the law, and cops, and actually using these things in suburban traffic in GA?

I have read the law, so cut and paste isn't what I am looking for. I am wondering if the <49cc limit would 'get me off' of a ticket or pull over, if I claimed it was a moped? The DMV has no clue what i am talking about, and won't license a bicycle, and they thought it was funny when i asked how I would get a motorcycle license by bringing the bicycle to the DMV for the test. The thought of backing it into the motorcycle test area makes me laugh, too.

Any relevant, real world experience would be great...I really want to ride this thing 13 miles through Roswell to my job and back. Without being stopped by a blue-stripe gang member shaking me down.

I would be riding it on Roswell Rd (4 lane, 45mph roadway), or nearby two-laned alternatives. I have a car with insurance, and a normal DL.

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