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Default Re: Newbie From Fort Worth

Welcome to the forum, I am a newbie too. I am just now going through my first tank of gas. Im curious it seemed to me you started adjusting your engine before it was broken two tanks of gas run through. As I understand it the engine performance improves dramatically once this is done, also as your ratio of gas to oil leans a bit from the break in period. Am I mistaken?
As far as performance parts I too would like more power! lol, I have the 66cc grubee skyhawk. I see alot of information about the expansion chamber exhausts but also some kind of bottle on the intake side?
As far as the stock chain tensioner goes Im only a week in and its working fine, however I have been sufficiently cautioned about its perils. I like the spring tensioner ones people have created and it makes perfect sense to me. I am currently figuring one out hopefully before the nylon spool on the stock one gives out. Mine is positioned up near the rim so if it is pulled into the tire it wont contact the spokes.
I had to pull all the unnecessary thin sheet metal off my bike after the front fender collapsed and the heatsheild on the muffler vibrated off. actually broke the weld holding it on.
Its cool you are a machinist. Im a Chef and my skill set didnt help me much. I eat good though.
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