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Originally Posted by \./ View Post
What you see in the pic is an aluminum tube with ridges. I tried to get some silicone grease in between the seat tube and that aluminum tub then gripping it with a clamp and then hitting it with a hammer from the bottom. Tried heating it as well. It's in a good 5-6 inches and is just not budging.
If you heat that thing almost red the entire 5-6" . Not just on the top Then twist it a few times with a pipe wrench A.K.A. Stilson Don't worry about the paint we are past that if you want it out thats what you have to do a little heat just on the top isn't going to do it You gotta rose bud that *****, I work with steel every day.

It will retain it's strength, so when people tell you "OH but the steel will get weaker if you heat it too much" .B.S. depending on the steel some even get harder especially if you cool it off fast after you get it out, it's an age old process called tempering steel they do it to tool's & swords to make them harder. & If in the off chance it does weaken , it will never be to a point where you would ever have to worry about it .
Just trying to help
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