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Default Re: Seat post stuck

I has a stuck posted this is how I got it loose and I only had about 6-8 " of the post to work with
I got a larger round piece of pipe around 24-48" long
I slipped it over the seat post I then drilled a whole through both sides of the pipe and post added a bolt and nut .
About 12-16" inches up on the pipe I then clamped a pair of vice gripes facing the same way as the frame of the bike pointing backwards .
I then got a bottle jack put it between the vice gripes and the frame of the bike.
I jacked it up to where the jack was real tight .
I then added a 2ed pair of vice griped to the other side .

between jacking 1 side up and banging the other side with a sledgehammer. it came loose

It took sever time of doing this because the jack would slip but finally got it loosen,
good luck
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