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Default Re: Is a M-bike just a bike when on the sidewalk?

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
Again as said previously in this thread, it depends on local laws.
Actually, it depends on local practices and, to a lesser degree, local written laws. And that was what I was asking about. If the laws are such as I described, is this act legal?
(Here, in KC, KS, bikes are legal on the sidewalk except downtown(this ruling requires another thread)
To respond with "It depends" doesn't address the question.
Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
Common sense (which doesn't seem to be so common anymore) should tell you that riding a bicycle down a commercial street where someone could walk out of a storefront and right into your bike wouldn't be a good idea anywhere.
"Common sense" is different for different people. It would be nice if we could say "rely on your common sense" and everybody would than agree, but that's not what happens. Moreover, my common sense is sometimes at odds with the law.
Finally, I can easily ride at a slow enough speed to equal that of a companion walking. And while doing that speed, I'm about as likely as a walker to run into somebody exiting from a doorway.
Lots of dense commercial streets in the Netherlands have plenty of bikes (m-, e-, and human powered) and pedestrians co-existing.

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