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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by T_Raw View Post
Also could anyone tell me a good helmet for a motorized bike? Normal bike helmets just seem too soft to be any real help with as fast as these bikes will go and I've almost had a few people hit me because they weren't paying attention and I really would prefer not to have my head bounce off the pavement in a bike helmet
I tested one one "bicycle Helmet" a lot further than I would have liked to, when I hit a patch of black ice. I hit the pavement so fast & hard I didn't even have time to get my feet off the pedals. The first thing to hit was my head in a whip like motion because of the way I slid. I had an "BELL VENTURE" bicycle helmet on. I decided to retire that helmet and bought the exact one it did the trick. It took a wallop too figure I'm 6'4.5" 290 lbs so my cranium must weigh like 50 lbs or so. I often think If I didn't have that helmet on I'd be in some hospital bed drooling on myself right now Funny thing is it was just a quick test ride and I almost didn't put it on.

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