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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Here in Miami cops are pretty much unlearned.
They don't even know what a moped is, so they leave 2 wheeled vehicles mostly alone.

As far as the walmart bikes, they are meant to go 30MPH.
Any decent man can pedal 30MPH on a geared bike. A beach cruiser generally does not go very fast, but their frames seem pretty solid enough to go faster IMHO.

40MPH may be a lot, but then again, I'm only aiming for these speeds at WOT. More than likely I'll be running at ~ 2/3rd that speed.

The comment about the 50cc is pretty remarkable. I know that a 66cc is larger, has more torque, and top engine RPM's are about the same. But if you have better acceleration, then you could reduce the rear sprocket, compensating top speed with torque.
You might ask: Why do that, if you can get the same with a 50cc?
Well, if there's any wind, or uphill, a 60cc, even with slightly heavier gearing, will more than likely keep up, while a 50cc might not...
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