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Default Re: Goes flat at top speed...

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I don't think he's talking about our applications....I don't think we coul;d ever turn one fast enough to get to the place he's imagining.

Usually our bikes "fall flat" due to fuel foaming, (vibration) or just plain running out of power. (two horsepower can only do so much)
Joe let's think outside the box for a minute, first have you ever seen this fuel foaming phenomenon happen?

If at wide open throttle your turning 6,000 RPM, the little drive sprocket is turning at 1590+RPM OR 26.5 Revolutions Per SECOND. I think this is probably fast enough for a few laws of physics to apply, and I wouldn't call it an imaginary place.

Joe, I'm not saying this is the answer but I'm thinking it might be part of the answer. I just threw it out there for you guys to chew on. Happy Hills & Trails Walter F.
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