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Default Re: Many questions, wanna make a purchase!

Originally Posted by ProDigit View Post
I find it strange that on a 66cc engine, your top speed is only 40MPH!
The numbers just don't add up...

while on a 4 stroke scooter with 50cc you can get at least 40MPH.
The 2 stroke scoots (with variator) sometimes reach 60MPH.
Makes me question if the 66cc is really a 66cc, or a 33cc 2 stroke (2x stroke from a 4 stroke, thus compared to a 66cc 4 stroke)?

This makes me believe most people haven't optimized their bikes yet.
If the 2 stroke 49cc can get to 45MPH, with 29-32in wheels, and a 32T sprocket, I'd probably go with that one!

Again, being able to go 45 doesn't mean I'll go 45. It just means I'll be riding 28-32MPH more comfortably (on lower RPM's).
There's not as much difference between the 48cc and 66cc as you would expect... It's a low quality 2-stroke without a transmission, so reel in your expectations, its not a scooter with a variator and gears in the rear end. IMHO if these are your goals you should go with a scooter. A Walmart bike is barely solid enough to pedal hard, riding with a motor at 28-30MPH is pushing it, going 40+MPH is over the top and asking for failure. Its not impossible to achieve these speeds, but you should start with a better bike more capable of taking the abuse, and you're going to have to optimize EVERYTHING for speed and do it well. Once you achieve those speeds you'll probably find it doesn't feel very safe on a Walmart bike, cause it isn't! On top of that, cops are finicky about motorized bicycles, you may get harassed a bit by some going under 30MPH, if you're going 40+MPH I would expect much more harassment from them. You have to ask yourself if all the effort is worth it, and if you will even be able to get away with riding the way you want if you achieve it, and how long it will be reliable when pushing it that hard? Like I said, not impossible, but it will take some doing, and put you through some paces. I have a scooter and a motorized bicycle, they both have their places, the scooter works better for riding in traffic at higher speeds, the motorized bicycle is more fun for cruising and going places cars cant go....
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