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Default Re: direct drive an 18T fixie sprocket?

actually it's 72MPH, and the 66cc kit should be able to have enough torque to bring it at least to 40MPH.
But I agree, that acceleration will probably be lousy (unless the 66cc kit has improved acceleration over the 49cc).
and if a 36T sprocket gets an engine running at 5k rpm @35MPH, then an 18T sprocket gets it running at 2.5k RPM, with probably a minimum speed of 17MPH @~1250RPM without stalling the engine.

It is indeed too high...

I'm mainly concerned about flat land, no wind, and I never mean to take the engine to top RPM. Just the ability to go fast would be amazing, but great gas mileage, and an engine that can go fast should I need it, would be amazing too.
Though most of the time, I probably will be going 30-35MPH with it...

Are there any sprockets interchangeable with the fixie sprocket mount (or are fixie gears really fixed (like welded) to the rim?

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